For hematological research

Access to samples stored in the Finnish Hematology Registry and Clinical Biobank is granted for hematological research approved by the biobank’s Steering Committee.

Researchers planning biobank research can get an overview of the sample and data register that shows the amount of material available for their particular line of study. For more detailed information on sample sizes and any related data, please contact the biobank.

Please email your access request and research plan with the required attachments to

The Scientific Advisory Board will process and review all applications requesting access to biobank samples, and recommends that the Steering Committee either approves or rejects the application. The Scientific Advisory Board assesses the applications using criteria defined by the Steering Committee taking into consideration the requirements stated in the Biobank Act and the goals of the FHRB Biobank, how fast study results can be applied in the treatment of patients, and the scientific importance, level and ambition of the study. The application process takes one to two months depending on the scope of the application.