For hematological research

Application Process

Step 1:
Before applying for specimens and/or data, check our website or contact the FHRB secretary for availability: 

Step 2:
Application must be made on this FHRB Application Form. Complete and submit it electronically to the FHRB biobank Once your application is received, the FHRB SAB secretary will verify that all components are completed and forward the completed application to the FHRB SAB members. Applications may be submitted without an ethics approval but such applications can only be approved conditionally until an ethics approval or other disquisition is presented.

Step 3:
The key objectives of the FHRB are facilitating research translation and improving outcome of hematological disorders, such as leukemia. The FHRB Scientific Advisory Board will review all applications. This process is estimated to take four weeks but may take longer if any additional information is required. The final decision of approval will be made by the FHRB Steering Group based on the statement of the FHRB Scientific Advisory Board. Decisions are based on research merit, the availability of material and competing requests from other researchers.

Step 4:
Upon final approval of your application by the Steering Group, The Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be forwarded to you for signing. This agreement will also include a description of all costs. A detailed invoice will be sent after the signing of the MTA. The samples and data will be prepared for dispatch as soon as the signed MTA is received by the FHRB.

Step 5:
Data achieved by using specimens or data from FHRB must be returned to FHRB. The procedure for the data delivery will be detailed between the recipient and FHRB once applicable.