For hematological research

Criteria for the evaluation of the access proposals

The evaluation process aims at identifying proposals with substantial potential for breakthrough discoveries. The proposals are reviewed against the following criteria:

1) relevance of the suggested research project in respect to the mechanisms, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of hematological disorders;
2) scientific and technological excellence of the project plan;
3) analysis plan does not compromise the confidentiality of sample donors
4) plan for and probability of translation of the results to the health care system; and
5) adequacy of the project resources available for the execution of the project plan
6) research must be performed in an ethical manner by reputable researchers with an established scientific record; and correspond with the research areas of FHRB
7) proposal does not overlap with on-going projects

The Steering Group does not foresee that e.g. routine testing, quality control or comparisons of existing diagnostic methods would rank high in the prioritization.

Conditions of use

Specimens and data supplied by the FHRB may be used only for the purposes stated in the FHRB Application Form. The received samples and data shall not be sold or otherwise distributed to any person or persons not connected to the applied project. Applicants must demonstrate in their application the efficient and well-coordinated use of samples and data to promote scientific advances in medical research.

Patient identity is confidential. All specimens and data will be supplied coded. At no time should the patient’s identity or any information that may lead to the patient’s identity appear in any presentation, published journal or report.

Ethics approval

The FHRB releases the specimens and related data to researchers based on the above mention criteria. However, researchers must be able to satisfy the Scientific Advisory Board and the Steering Group of the FHRB, that the project they submit is both ethically and scientifically valid. A copy of the approval from an ethical committee or other disquisition in which the ethical issues are discussed, should be supplied with the application. Applications are possible before an ethics committee approval. In such cases the FHRB approval is conditional and the ethics approval must be presented before any samples or data are released from the FHRB.

Reporting requirements

Data achieved by using specimens from FHRB must be returned to FHRB. The procedure for the data delivery will be detailed between the recipient and FHRB once applicable. Copies of abstracts, publications and presentations resulting from samples and/or data supplied by the FHRB must be forwarded to the FHRB secretary. Authors should agree that within six months after publication of the results or end of the project all data also including unpublished data derived from the specimens, must be made available through the FHRB database to PIs of other approved projects.
The use of specimens/data and the sponsors of the FHRB must be acknowledged in any public presentation or publication that arise from using materials supplied by the FHRB . The summary of each project, with the permission of the Principal Investigators (PIs), will be posted on the FHRB website.


Specimens provided by the FHRB may contain infectious material. Screening for these infectious agents is not routinely performed. Therefore all specimens should be treated as bio-hazardous material. The applicant assumes all risk and responsibility for the handling, storage and use of the specimens provided by the FHRB and for the informing and training of all personnel in the related dangers, hazards and procedures to ensure the safe handling of specimens.